Achegas congreso (18) Publicacións nas que participase algún/ha investigador/a


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  2. A parallel and distributed multi-population GA with asynchronous migrations: Energy-time analysis for heterogeneous systems

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  3. A review of personal teaching environments to support teaching activities

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  4. Activities of the Spanish Chapter of the IEEE Education Society

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  5. Advanced practices: Micro learning, practice oriented teaching and gamified learning

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  6. An assessment of statistical classification for socially oriented learning methodologies

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  7. Big Archaeological Data: Mining social information about ancient Mesopotamian civilizations using a graph database built from cuneiform corpora

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  8. IEEE education society: Chapters and members

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  9. Impact of Trust and Reputation Based Brokerage on the CloudAnchor Platform

    Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics)

  10. Inferring Energy Consumption Patterns in Public Buildings

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  11. Optimization of delays and power consumption in large-scale linear networks using iACK


  12. Personalized Recommendation for Online Retail Applications Based on Ontology Evolution

    ACM International Conference Proceeding Series

  13. Road-mapping to determine dangerous curves


  14. Studying Relationships Between Network Structure in Educational Forums and Students’ Performance

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  15. Supervised Performance Anomaly Detection in HPC Data Centers

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  16. Tasks Recommendation in Crowdsourcing based on Workers' Implicit Profiles and Performance History

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  17. Trustworthiness in Sensor Networks A Reputation-Based Method for Weather Stations

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  18. User profile modelling based on mobile phone sensing and call logs

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