Characterizations of Walrasian allocations via bargaining sets

  1. Javier Hervés-Estévez
  2. Emma Moreno-García
Working paper series ( RGEA )

Ano de publicación: 2013

Número: 3

Tipo: Documento de traballo


We deffine a notion of bargaining set for ffinite economies and prove an equivalence theorem which shows that the bargaining set coincides with the set of Walrasian allocations of the economy. We also analyze both concepts of bargaining set by Mas-Colell (1989) and by Vind (1992) for atomless economies, providing results that prove that it is not necessary to consider the formation of all coalitions in order to obtain the bargaining sets. This is shown under restrictions of different nature, triggering different equivalence results. In addition, several counterexamples state boundaries for the possibility of extending and generalizing our results.