Contributions to traceability in non-exhaustive monitoring contexts by the enrichment of process models

  1. Ramos Merino, Mateo
Dirixida por:
  1. Luis Álvarez Sabucedo Director
  2. Juan Manuel Santos Gago Director

Universidade de defensa: Universidade de Vigo

Fecha de defensa: 28 de febreiro de 2020

  1. Manuel Lama Penín Presidente/a
  2. Sonia María Valladares Rodríguez Secretario/a
  3. Paulo Manuel Martins de Carvalho Vogal
  1. Enxeñaría telemática

Tipo: Tese


Traceability procedures allow us to know and trace the history, application or location of the different entities involved in the life cycle of a given product or service. These procedures are becoming increasingly common and are often used in combination with quality and safety control techniques, process management and data analysis. As a result of a series of previous works related to the field of traceability and process monitoring, a series of needs have been identified in certain areas with the presence of non-exhaustive monitoring. The working dynamics of some scenarios imply that a large part of the knowledge of the domain, if it is available in a direct fashion, is only available in documents in natural language and in an informal way. In addition, the presence of activities that do not generate monitoring is an added challenge. Therefore, the proposal is to develop mechanisms to tackle the identified cases and problems in order to take into account what information is available and in what formats it is presented. These mechanisms should, as far as possible, make up for the shortcomings generated by the information deficits present in the contexts analysed