Interconnecting courseware modules via WWW

  1. J.C. Burguillo 1
  2. L. Anido 1
  3. Benlloch Dualde, José V. 2
  4. F. Buendía 2
  1. 1 E.T.S.I. de Telecomunicación, Dpto. de Tecnología de las Comunicaciones, Universidade de Vigo
  2. 2 E. U. de Informática, Dpto. de Informática de Sistemas y Comunicaciones, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Computers and education in the 21st century
  1. Manuel Ortega (ed. lit.)
  2. José Bravo (ed. lit.)

Editorial: Kluwer Academic Publishers

ISBN: 0-306-47532-4 1-280-20019-7

Ano de publicación: 2000

Páxinas: 119-126

Tipo: Capítulo de libro


This paper shows some key ideas to interconnect courseware modules by using WWW technologies. This interconnection will allow the user to get a wide view about educational topics that are often scarce. In the frame of the European Thematic Network Ineit-Mucon, this work is encouraging the co-operation between several working groups which are bringing together interactive educational modules about distinct aspects of computers. The paper describes the key design issues in the courseware interconnection. At last, an implementation example is shown and some conclusions are summarized.