Las gramáticas del inglésde la norma a las formas

  1. Rosalía Rodríguez Vázquez 1
  1. 1 Universidade de Vigo

    Universidade de Vigo

    Vigo, España


Propuestas didácticas innovadoras sobre enseñanza de lenguas y gramática
  1. Montserrat Pérez Giménez (coord.)

Editorial: Universidad de Valencia = Universitat de València

ISBN: 978-84-608-8223-7

Ano de publicación: 2016

Páxinas: 149-164

Tipo: Capítulo de libro


In the context of the globalization, the number of not native speakers of English is very superior to that of native speakers. To communicative level, though it thinks that an intelligible message is effective, the application of the grammatical norm gains relevancy, since the credibility of the speaker happens for demonstrating a high level of linguistic and communicative competence. For all this, demonstrates the need to adopt a model of education of grammar centered not only in the standard norm and his application, but also in the description and utilization of the variants of the above mentioned norm. The present paper raises the putting in practice of a descriptive method of education of grammar, where ILE's students select linguistic examples of not standard variants later to analyze them. This work shows how the students can acquire the aptitude to place in a certain social and / or communicative context the diverse variants of the language and, thus, think about the uses of the grammatical variants and use them accurately.